Y12 work experience - FRK

From: Rosebery School <9365407@sims-communications.co.uk>\nSent: 10 February 2022 14:10\nTo: Subject: Rosebery School Communication: Year 12 Work Experience - Monday 11 July - Friday 15 July 2022\n\n\nThis email is from an external sender. Please ensure that you know who the sender is before opening attachments or clicking links.\nIf you are unsure please contact GLF IT Services at itsupport@glfschools.org or 020 8716 4955.\n\nDear\n\nAs part of the Year 12 enrichment programme students usually get the opportunity to undertake a week's block work experience during the last week of July to enable them to gain the necessary employability skills sought after by employers and also to provide valuable evidence when writing UCAS Personal Statements or CVs.\n\nMany organisations like applications for work experience months in advance so now is a good time for your child to start researching companies, network with family and friends and to look for prospective employers.\n\nI delivered an assembly on Monday 7 February 2022 to Year 12 students guiding them through the work experience process.\n\nWe will provide all students with a 'Finding Your Own Work Experience' form which needs to be completed by the employer and yourselves and returned to me by Friday 27 May 2022. This is to ensure we have the necessary time to complete health and safety checks on placements should they be required.\n\nSince the pandemic more companies are developing 'virtual' placements, where students work remotely using digital technology, without having to go into the workplace. This is an ideal alternative if a physical placement can't be found.\n\nIf you require any further information or your child needs additional support in finding a placement, please do not hesitate to contact me.\n\nYours sincerely\n\nMrs Frances Keaveney\n\nCareers Lead\n\nfkeaveney@rosebery.surrey.sch.uk\n\n [cid:image001.jpg@01D81E96.62C73620]\n\n This email has been sent to you from a no-reply email address. Please do not reply to this email address as it may not be possible for the school to respond.\n\n\n\n\n