Training and Development

Rosebery has created an innovative and purposeful climate for teaching and learning. Underpinning this is an extensive Professional Learning Programme (see below), which provides personalised development opportunities for staff and includes:

  • Twilight CPD Programme
  • Coaching
  • Lesson Study
  • Developing Excellence in the Classroom Programme
  • NFER Research and Development Programme
  • Departmental CPD
  • MA Programme

We understand that students play a pivotal role in shaping learning and have developed the following programmes to inform pedagogical expertise:

  • Rosebery STARS
  • Student Co-planners
  • Student Teaching and Learning Group

Rosebery has developed extensive partnerships and collaborations with other schools and institutions, including: UCL Institute of Education, NFER, Kingston Teaching Schools Alliance, Glyn Teaching School Alliance, Coaching in Schools, Coachmark and NACE. These collaborations develop in-school practice, but also serve to support the development of teaching and learning externally. This academic year Rosebery is offering the following external training programmes:


Developing Excellence in Classroom Practice Programme

The Developing Excellence in the Classroom Programme is an intensive programme designed to support a teacher in enhancing their practice, through developing their skills in reflection and evaluation. The programme is structured around a series of: workshops, learning walks and lesson observations, providing opportunities to discuss fundamental aspects of pedagogy. Importantly, the programme is personalised, with time for reflection, in order to discuss the next steps in the teacher’s professional learning journey.


NFER Research and Development Practitioner Programme

This is an opportunity to work with the NFER on a research project into an aspect of teaching and learning that is of particular interest and matches the school’s teaching and learning principles. Each practitioner is supported by an NFER Tutor and support materials, alongside being part of the Research and Development Network. The group meets on a regular basis as a whole, and also has the support of a coach from the Rosebery coaching team, to assist them in carrying out this research. Findings from research projects are then shared with staff at the end of the academic year in our Festival of Learning.


Coaching Training

Rosebery has been accredited with the Coachmark Gold Award for exemplary practice in coaching. In light of this, Rosebery now offers training on both how to coach and how to establish a coaching programme. This training course has been designed by experienced coaches, able to deliver expert information and support to teachers and leaders who are interested in developing coaching in schools. This one-day course provides the principles of coaching and how coaching may be used in schools as a vehicle for whole school development.


School-to-School Subject Support

Rosebery offers subject specific school-to school support. This support is refined in discussion with the needs of a school and department, but can include the following:

  • Subject reviews
  • Joint learning walks
  • Paired lesson observations
  • Support for assessment and moderation
  • Training on specific aspects of the curriculum

For more information on the above programmes, please contact Caroline Gibbins:


School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

Rosebery School is part of the Glyn Surrey SCITT which provides the opportunity to train whilst being based within a school environment. The programme combines:

  • Teaching experience within 2 secondary schools (11-16)
  • Primary placement (2 days)
  • Post-16 experience
  • Special School visit
  • Professional Studies Programme
  • Academic research

SCITT provides trainees with high quality training which prepares them well for highly successful careers in teaching.

For more information please contact Sheena Gordon:


Work Experience Placements:

A vibrant, innovative and reflective teaching and learning culture is well established at Rosebery. As part of our belief in evolving practice, we offer high quality work experience placements for anyone interested in joining the profession. The date, duration and focus of the placements are finalised through discussion, but typically include:

  • Meetings with a departments/s and other appropriate staff
  • Student pursuit
  • Learning walks and lesson observations
  • Opportunities to explore resources
  • Advice and guidance on the next steps into the profession

Rosebery offers a purposeful experience, which provides a comprehensive insight into the profession.

For more information please contact Ali Stuart:


School Experience Programme:

Rosebery is part of the School Experience Programme, which offers an alternative route into obtaining school-based work experience. We offer the following dates for SEP placements and applications can be made through visiting the Department for Education’s website:


Having high quality school-based work experience makes a significant contribution to a candidate’s successful application into the profession.


Details regarding how to apply for the above programmes and costings can be found in the Further Information section. Prior to any course taking place, Course Leaders work closely with each school, to ensure that the training provided is bespoke to the needs of each institution. Dates and times are arranged in the planning conversations. Each course provides resources and support materials to enable continued professional development.


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